Michigan Title Services

Real Estate Title Agency is a full-service escrow and title company, and we provide our services to all of Michigan. We offer specialized residential and commercial real estate services. We offer a whole range of closing and support services, including:

Michigan Title Services

Transferring the ownership of the deed

Preparation of property and judgement reports

Fulfillment of survey requests

Recording of legal documents with correct state offices

Preparation of the contract of sale

Scheduling the closing and officiating the settlement

Keeping all parties informed

Conducting of a title search

Opening an escrow account and distributing funds

Get Help from a Professional

No matter the kind of property you are purchasing or refinancing, our team of title experts will be able to help you. We have experience with foreclosures, auctioned properties, 1031 exchanges, and many other complex residential and commercial real estate transactions.

Order your title online and check on its status 24/7. We also offer Spanish- speaking settlement officers, and offer both evening and weekend settlements, ensuring we can always work around your busy schedule.

Michigan Title Services for


When closing on your Michigan property, it’s really important that you work with a title company that has your best interest at heart. Check out some of our customer testimonials to see what some of our previous clients have said about our services.

Perform an extensive title search, ensuring the property has no outstanding liens or other claims.

Check the legality of all prior deeds and history of the title

Keep you informed of all applicable restrictive covenants, easements, and rights of ways.

Issue title insurance that guarantees a clear title

Coordinate the closing with all parties involved and help prepare documents.

Record your new deed/mortgage.

Conduct a final settlement and make final payments.

And more!

Throughout the entire settlement process, or team of title experts will be available to assist you and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to working with you on your next real estate purchase.

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Real Estate Title Agency is the preferred Michigan title company for many local lenders. We place our clients’ interests and needs above everything else, so as a lender you can have peace of mind knowing your title search will be completed thoroughly.

Our Michigan title agents have worked with many different lenders over the years, and have gained valuable experience. We pride ourselves in the quality of our services we provide. Here’s some of our customer service policies:

Ensuring the fast turnaround time on title searches, insurance, and closing.

Easy accessibility and timely updates

24/7 online title ordering and customer service

Evening and Saturday settlements

Michigan Title Services for


When you’ve worked with as many realtors as we have, you begin to gain an appreciation for all the hard work that goes into selling a home. You’re not just showing off a house, you’re also building a relationship with your clients and will be with them every step of the way.

You invest a lot of time and effort into the relationship you build with your clients, and we’d like to help you with this relationship by providing a smooth settlement. A happy client means great reviews and referrals, for both us and you the realtor. As a Michigan title company, we have a deep understanding
of the settlement process and how Michigan legislates it.

Our experienced staff can help you with any residential or commercial transaction with our following services:

Fast, accurate and free good faith estimates

Survey requests

Ground rent redemption

1031 Like-Kind Exchanges

Free consultations for first-time home buyers

Leasehold of properties, foreclosures and auction purchases

We will conduct closings at a time and place convenient to both you and your client. We work closely with mortgage brokers, real estate agents and home professionals in Michigan.